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ATH High-whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler


Chemical Name: Aluminum hydroxide

Synonym: Aluminium hydrate; Alumina trihydrate; Aluminium trihydrate ATH; Hydrated Alumina

CAS NO.: 21645-51-2

Molecular Formula: Al(OH)3


Aluminum hydroxide(ATH) is white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, good liquidity, high whiteness , soluble in strong acid and alkali, stable under atmospheric temperature and can be easily decomposed into Aluminium oxide when heated. According to different granularity, ATH is widely used as artificial marble and artificial onyx filler, abrasive, flame retardants and for dditive of plastic, rubber industry etc., such as a filler in  toothpaste, artificial onyx and artificial marble, low voltage isolators, a retardant filler in low voltage isolators, a retardant filler in plastics, rubber and glass-reinforced fibre. 


Aluminum hydroxide is an inorganic environmental-friendly type flame retardant for additive of plastic, rubber etc.; basic materials in paper making, coatings and toothpaste; carriers of catalysts; also used in water purifier, fluorides, dyers, pharmacy, building materials etc. It can prevent fuming, no drops, no generation of toxic or corrosive gases and has self-extinguish ability and smoke suppressing properties.


Physicochemical Property:



Packing& Storage:

Standard seaworthy packing in 25kgs bag/ 50kgs bag/1000kgs Jumbo bags;

25 kgs bag,1200 kgs on one pallet, 24mt per container.

It should be stored under cover in a cool, dry place; the bags should not be stacked more than 15 bags.