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Ammonium Sulfamate


Chemical Name: Ammonium Sulfamate

Synonyms: Sulfamic acid ammonium salt; Sulfamate; Ammonium sulphamate

CAS No.: 7773-06-0

Molecular Formula: NH2SO3NH4


Properties: white puff crystal. Readily soluble in water, weakly acidic. Normal standard solubility is 185.6 Absorb vapor in air. Insoluble in methanol and ethanol.



Assay:                             99.5% min

Residue after ignition:     0.02% max

Sulphate:                         0.05% max

Heavy Metals:                 0.0002% max

Chloride:                         0.002% max

Iron:                                0.0001% max 

pH(4%):                          4-6



Commonly used as broad spectrum herbicide, compost accelerator, flame retardant and industrial processes such as printing and dyeing, tobacco, electro-plating and textile industry.


Packing& Storage:

25kg or 500kg knitting bags with double plastic liners.

Keep in dry and clean storage protection from sunshine, moisture following the rules for transporting and storing normal chemicals.