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MCA Non-halogen inflaming retarding lubricant Melamine Cyanurate


Chemical name: Melamine Cyanurate

Synonyms: Melamine cyanuric acid, Melamine cyanuric acid salt , Inflaming retarding lubricant MCA

CAS NO.: 37640-57-6

Molecular formula: C6H9N9O3


MCA is a nontoxic and Environmental-friendly non-halogen inflaming retarding lubricant under European standard. The flaming retarding performance is great with less smog and the flame retarding grade can be more than UL94V-0. It’s widely used as flame retardant in rubber, nylon, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic acid emulsion, polyflon and other olefin resins. The product is a kind of great retarding materials which can be used in high retarding great materials or parts and the lubricating performance is great and it can be used as lubricants and the lubricating performance is better than molybdenum disulfide and the price is a quarter of the molybdenum.


Technical index:

Melamine Cyanurate,% :99.5min
Total nitrogen content %, %: 48min
Volatility, %:0.5  max
pH: 5-7  
Specific Gravity, g/cm3: 1.7 

Bulk density,g/cm3:0.3-0.4        
Solubility in water,g/100ml(20oC): 0.002
Particle size D50% :4um


Packing& storage:

Packing in 20 Kg bag; move and discharge carefully, airproof conservation, keep away from humidity.