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TEPi -Triethyl Phosphite


Chemical Name: Triethyl Phosphite

CAS NO.:122-52-1
Molecular formula:C6H15O3P

Introduction & Application:

Colorless transparent liquid, Boiling point156.6, density: 0.9687g/cm3, refractive index 1.413 (25), insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, hydrolysis into diethyl phosphite when meeting water.

It can be used for manufacture of plastic fluorescent whitening agent FP-127, CBS-X, ER, but also can be used as plasticizers, stabilizers, coatings, printing ink, and gasoline additives; can also be used for lubricating oil and grease additives, production of organic phosphorus flame retardants important intermediates. Pesticides used in the manufacture of off borer Wei, widely used in medicine cephalosporin intermediates AE-active ester, analgesics and other anti-infective agents.

Technical Index:

Appearance and odor: colorless transparent liquid, special bitter taste

Triethyl phosphate%:   99min

Diethyl phosphate%:    0.3max

Ethanol%:                     0.3max


Packing& storage:
Packing in polyethylene lined metal drum or plastic drum, Stored in cool and ventilated warehouse. Kept away from fire and heat source. Handle with care to avoid liquid leakage.