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Refined Oxalic Acid


Chemical Name: Oxalic Acid

Synonym: Oxalic acid dehydrate; Ethanedioic Acid; Oxalic acid anhydrous; Anhydrous Oxalic Acid

CAS NO.: 6153-56-6

Molecular Formula: (COOH)2·2H2O


Technical standards(GB/T1626-2008):

Appearance:                             White crystals 

Oxalic Acid Content:                  99.6% min

Sulphate(SO42-):                          50ppm max

Ignition Residue(850oC):                     500ppm max

Heavy Metals(Pb2+):                        10ppm max

Ferrous(Fe3+):                            15ppm max

Chloride(Cl-):                            30ppm max



1.Electronic industry: to make electronic materials, to clean integrate circuit board.

2.Metallurgy industry: as precipitating and resolving agent for rare earth metal, etc.

3.Others: as laboratory agent, solvents, activator and basic materials for chemical industry.



Plastic woven or compound kraft bag 25kg net, lined with PE bag or 1000kg jumbo bag.

All above mentioned package can be Palletized & stretch wrapped.