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Barium Acetate


Chemical Name: Barium Acetate 

Synonyms: Barium diacetate

CAS No.: 543-80-6

Relative molecular mass: 255.42

Molecular Formula: Ba(CH3COO)2



White crystallization powder. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol. The watery solution assumes neutral or the slight acidity response to litmus. Relative density: 2.468. Low poison.


Specifications- Special Grade:

Assay [Ba(CH3COO)2], %:  ≥99.0

BaO content at 1100℃, % : 60±1

Water insoluble, % ≤: 0.01

Chloride(Cl), %   ≤:0.01

Nitrate(NO3), % ≤: 0.01

Calcium and strontium(Ca+Sr), % ≤: 0.1

Iron(Fe), % ≤: 0.0005

Lead(Pb), %≤: 0.0005

Substances not precipitated by H2SO4, % ≤: 0.05



Serves as the analytical reagent, the sulphate, the chromate dissolves the liquid medicine, organic reaction catalyst.



25kgs in PE/PP bags or paper drum, 500/1000kgs in PP bags, 200kgs in metal drum or per clint's requirement.