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N-hexane 98%,99%,99.9%,99.99%


Chemical Name: N-hexane

Synonyms: Hexane
CAS No.: 110-54-3

Molecular formula: C6H14





N-hexane Content

≥98.0%, 99.0%,99.9%,99.99%

Water content


Color saybolt


Specific Gravity(kg/m3,20°C)


Initial boiling point


Dry point


Bromine index(mg/100g)


Total sulfur(ppm)


Aromatics   content (ppm)


Ultraviolet absorption 240-280nm


Ultraviolet absorption 280-400nm




It is mainly used for organic synthesis, solvent extraction of plant oil, extracting agent, cleaning agent, dissolvant, chemical reagent, paint thinner, the media of polymerization, and it also can be used in the production of some relative chemical fields, such as pyridaben production, polyethylene oxide, red pigmentum of pepper, high density polyethylene titanium magnesium chloride supported catalyst, catalytic agent DQ, catalytic agent N, stabilizing agent YH-1098 etc. 


Package and Transport:

130kg/200L Iron drum, 10.4MT/20ft ;  15MT/ISO Tank

CLASS 3: Flammable liquid,  UN: 1208 PG: II