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Chemical Name: Poly(bis(phenoxy)phosphazene)

Synonyms: Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene Oligomer; Poly[nitrilo(diphenoxyphosphoranylidyne)]; Poly(bisphenoxyphosphazene); Poly(diphenoxy)phosphazene

CAS No.: 28212-48-8

Molecular Formula: (C12H10NPO2)n

Relative molecular mass: 231n



Off-white solid without irritating odor. Soluble in methylbenzene, chlorobenzene, acetone, and other solvents, slightly soluble in methyl alcohol, insoluble in water. Thermal decomposition temperature is above 340℃.



Appearance : Off white crystal powder

Loss on drying :≤0.1% 




Poly(bis(phenoxy)phosphazene) has unique P and N hybrid structures. It has features such as high thermal stability, flame retardance, oxygen index, and low smoke release, and it is widely used in epoxy resin, powder coating, plastic, and other high polymer materials.


Packing& Storage:

20KG/plastic drum or according to customer’s request .

In the process of transportation,must lightly unload and carefully packs. Strictly prohibits being affected with damp and being polluted, should take the protective measure properly. The products must store in cool and dry storehouse.