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TEP -Flame Retardant-Triethyl Phosphate



Chemical name: Triethyl Phosphate

Synonym: TEP; BHGUARD-TEP; Phosphoric acid triethyl ester;

CAS NO.: 78-40-0

Molecular formula : (CH3CH2O)3PO 


Used as fire-retardant, raw material of pesticides, firming agent and stabilizing agent of resin.


Technical Index:
Appearance:                         colorless transparent liquid
Content:                                99.5% min
Refractive index (nD20):   1.4050-1.4070
Acid value (mgKOH/g):     0.05% max
Water content:                  0.2% max
Specific gravity:                1.069-1.073



200kgs/iron drum, Measurement:560×890mm;1000KGS/IBC; 20-23MTS/ISOTANK.