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Hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile ammonium salt (NH4-HPAN)

NH4-HPAN is light yellow powder, soluble in water and its aqueous solution is neutral. When used in drilling fluid system, it has good inhibitory fluid loss properties, as well as certain capacity of the viscosity reduction, which can effectively prevent borehole collapse and reduce downhole, can be widely used in anionic and zwitterionic-type water-based drilling fluid system.

NH4-HPAN can be used directly into the fluid or mixed with glue of 1% to 3%. General dosage is 0.5% -1.5%.


Specification and performance:

Appearance: Free-flowing powder or granules

Purity: ≥75.0%

Loss on drying:≤10.0%

Screen margin: ≤5.0%

Residue on ignition:≤3.0%


Technical index

Freshwater system

Salt water system

Base mud

Apparent viscosity, mPa.s

8.0 max

10.0 max

Filtration, mL



Base mud+ NH4-HPAN

Apparent viscosity, mPa.s

8.0 max

10.0 max

Reduced filtration rate,%

45.0 min

50.0 min


Package: 25 kgs PE bag.