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TCPP -Flame Retardant Tris (2-chloropropyl) phosphonate


Chemical name: Tris (2-chloropropyl) phosphonate TCPP

Synonyms: TCPP Flame Retardant
CAS NO. :13674-84-5

Molecular formula: C9H18CL3O4P 

Introduction and Application:

Flame retardant TCPP is colorless to yellowish oily liquid, which is soluble in organic solvents including benzene, alcohol, ester and carbon tetrachloride. At 20 °C, its aquatic solubility is 1.6g/l.This product is insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons. Chlorine content is 32.5%, and phosphorus content is 9.5%.Since this molecular has phosphor and chlorine elements at the same time, its flame retardant performance is very notable; meanwhile, this product is plasticized, moisture-proof and antistatic. Therefore, it belongs to add-on flame retardant. This product applies to the flame retardant of PVC, polystyrene, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, rubber and coating. It is generally used with antimonous oxide, in order to enhance the flame retardant efficiency of antimonous oxide, in which its application amount is about 10%.


Technical Index:
Appearance: colorless to yellowish liquid
Viscosity (25 °C, cps): 60-70

Density(20°C, g/cc): 1.294±0.005

Phosphorous Content (wt%): 9.4±0.4

Chlorine Content (wt%): 32.4±0.4

Acid value(mg KOH/g): 0.1max
Water content(%):0.1max

Color(APHA):30 max


Packing, storage & transportation:

250kg /galvanized iron drum,1000kg/ IBC or 25MT/ ISO Tank, sealed and stored in cool places. Storage life is 1 year. It is transported as non-dangerous goods.