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TCP -Tricresyl Phosphate


Chemical Name: Tricresyl Phosphate

Synonyms: Tritolyl phosphate;TCP

CAS No.: 1330-78-5

Molecular Formula: (CH3C6H4O)3PO


Properties: Transparent liquid with slightly aromatic odor, viscosity: 78-85(20°C),freezing point:<-20°C, flash point: 220°C, boiling point: 235-255°C(4mmHg), refractive index: 1.553-1.556(25°C), soluble in benzene, alcohol and ether, etc.



Color (APHA) :≤80

Acid Value(mgKOH/g): ≤0.1

Relative Density(20°C) :1.160-1.180

Flash Point(open cup)°C: ≥220

Free Phenol % :≤0.1



it is a fireproof plasticizer with excellent hydrolysis stability, oil resistance, electric insulativity and high fungus resistance. It is mainly used as plasticizer and fire retardant in PVC, polyethylene, artificial leather, film, sheet material, plate material, conveying belt, floor material, wire&cable, synthetic resin, plastic, rubber and cellulose, to improve the products' processibility, anti-pollution, mildew resistance and abrasion resistance; also used as gasoline ignition controlling agent, lubricating grease extreme-pressure antiwear agent and to synthesize incombustible hydraulic oil additive.


Packing& Storage:

200kg per galvanized drum. sealed and stored in cool places.